Barbecuing Made Hassle-free with Heat Beads BBQ Starter

January 21, 2020

What do you think is the best activity for your family or friends to do outdoors? If you are into food, then barbecuing might be enough to satisfy your appetite. All types of food that are barbecued have a very special scent and taste that can make us drool over their existence.

Barbecuing is a fun activity to do over an outdoor table in your backyard or rooftop. We do this as we gather our family members or friends to reminisce stories and happenings around our lives. The finished products from barbecuing are sure enticing, but the process of getting the food cooked may take a little while. 

Fortunately, there is a tool that can cut the waiting time for the barbecuing session. With the Heat Beads BBQ Starter, it is expected to heat food in just a short amount of time compared to the normal barbecuing session and workarounds.

The Wonders of Heat Beads BBQ Starter

The simplicity of Heat Beads BBQ Starter makes barbecuing fun and easy. With this tool, you can get your barbecuing heat up easily so that you can serve food right away. This product ensures that your briquettes will hot up faster and ash over evenly, making your food grilled faster. This enhanced grilling functionality is possible since it has holes in the base and sides that allow ideal air circulation and heat retention.

The Heat Beads BBQ Starter can not only speed up the process of barbecuing, but it can also cook more food in a shorter time. The preparation time for this product is no match to the traditional method of placing the briquettes straight to the grill and wait for them to heat up for over an hour. Overall, this product can hold up to three kg of briquettes, making it possible to fill a grill and start barbecuing right away.

How to Use Heat Beads BBQ Starter

Heat Beads BBQ Starter is very easy to use. First, you must open the vents of your barbecue and remove the cooking grill. Then, you can place at least three Heat Beads Firelighters on your lower grill and light them up. You must place your Heat Beads BBQ Starter containing briquettes on top of the lighted Firelighters for at least thirty minutes to ensure that your briquettes will increase their temperature evenly. Once you’ve seen that your briquettes turn into light coloured ash, you can now pour and spread them all over your lower grill. You must, however, remember to put on safety gloves and use long-handled tongs. 

Heat Beads BBQ Starter can certainly help you with your barbecuing needs. If you want to have one, you can order through us at John Tiras. You are guaranteed to enjoy more barbecuing sessions with our Heat Beads BBQ Starter.

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