An Overview of Charcoal Starters and Why Use Heat Beads BBQ

January 15, 2021

It is during the warm months that most people like to get their outdoor BBQ started, or at least try to get it started. If you enjoy cooking with your BBQ grill, then you know the hardest part is getting the fire started and then reaching the ideal temperature, it ‘can’ be a time-consuming and frustrating experience, to say the least. But, it doesn’t have to be because there is an easier way to start a BBQ fire, using a barbecue starter kit.

Barbecue starter kits or charcoal starters are ideal for starting fires and maintaining the right temperature for cooking, that is why these are so popular with everyone who likes to BBQ. There are many benefits of using a charcoal starter kit, the main one being ‘convenience’. Here is an overview of charcoal starters and why you should use heat beads BBQ.

Benefits Of Hassle-Free Charcoal Starter Kit

These are affordable and easy to use, and the benefit of easily starting a fire, without having to wrestle with starter fluids and coaching a fire to get all the coals burning equally, and to maintain the right temperature evenly, is a huge benefit. Without the hassle of starting a BBQ fire, it makes the time and experience with friends and family more enjoyable and fun.

Yes, starting a fire with a Charcoal starter kit is fast and easy, which is very helpful, especially when everyone is hungry. No more long waits for coals to heat up, especially if you use a Heat Beads Charcoal starter Chimney.

Considering the various types of charcoal to choose from, lump charcoal, Mallee root charcoal, and Mangrove charcoal, Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes is the ideal choice if you are hosting an unexpected barbecue party, for a few reasons:

Increased Burn Timecompared to other charcoal fuels, Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes have a longer burn time, so there is no need to keep adding extra coals while grilling food.

Economical – not only will Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes burn longer than other solid barbecue fuels but even after they have been extinguished Heat Bead briquettes can be reused again later.

Easy to ignite – starting a fire is easy with Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes, and within 30 minutes or less, you can be ready to cook for your guests.

Long shelf life – because you never know when you may be unexpectedly hosting a backyard barbecue party, it is always good to plan and have some Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes stored away in a dry place, as they have an infinite shelf life, which means you can be ready to grill anytime in the future.

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