Sustainable Red Gum Firewood Supplier in Melbourne

February 14, 2018

Red gum wood is the preferred choice of firewood in Melbourne, that’s because of its many qualities. It is a durable, dense, and versatile hardwood, ideal for use as firewood. In fact, many professional cooks agree that there isn’t any finer firewood to use for smoking meats to add flavour, or for barbecuing all types of foods. Because it burns consistently and produces reliable heat, unlike softwoods that consists of volatile oils that increase heat quickly, but then burn out just as fast.

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Tips in Lighting Charcoals without Lighter Fluid or Gas

January 29, 2018

There is no time like the present to grill up some delicious food while relaxing with the family. Unfortunately, you forgot to buy lighter fluid! This unfortunate sequence of events likely leads to countless people using Google to figure out 'how to light charcoal without lighter fluid or gas'. Well, what if we told you that you never have to run into this problem again? Today, we are going to introduce you to the concept of BBQ starter kits.

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Qualities that Make Firelighters Safe to Use

January 19, 2018

Few things are as frustrating as trying to start a fire. In the old days, lighting a fire was just as difficult and time-consuming as it is now, necessitating the use of kindling or newspapers and repeated attempts using matches to make a small flame strong enough to cause primary incineration, in whatever choice of fuel one has.

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